question How soon can I do a relaxer after undoing braids/weave?
answer Shampoo your hair and wait for at least three days so that the pulling effect of the braids/weave on the scalp is relieved.
question Can I color my hair soon after a relaxer?
answer If you are going to be using a semi permanent color like Caivil Hair Colours, you can use it immediately after a relaxer. However to use a permanent color like Black Chic Hair Colours wait for at least two weeks before adding colour.  In the two weeks treat your hair and scalp with Hair Food or Oil Moisturiser to help strengthen your hair.
question When should I do a treatment after using a permanent color?
answer Treat your hair with Black Chic Hair Food Treatment or Black Chic Hair Repair Treatment after a week of having had a permanent color procedure.
question How often can a semi permanent color be retouched?
answer This depends on you and how often you wash your hair, Ideally it can be retouched after four weeks.
question How often can a permanent color be retouched?
answer With permanent hair color you only need to retouch new growth and this can be done after four to six weeks  
question How often should I relax my hair?
answer Hair can be relaxed every four to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.  It is important that relaxer is applied to the new growth only. If your stylist is spreading the relaxer along the length of your hair, you may find that the ends become dry, brittle and you will see breakage.
question Can I apply color after using a conditioner?
answer It is not ideal, as a conditioner helps flatten the hair cuticles and this will make it difficult for any chemical relaxer or color to penetrate the hair.
question Is it necessary to use a neutralizing shampoo after relaxing my hair?
answer This is the secret to better hair strength. You MUST use a neutralizing shampoo, with a low pH like Black Chic Avo Neutralising Shampoo or Teen Star Neutralising Shampoo as it brings the hair back to the correct pH-balance.
question When I should I use a deep penetrating conditioner?
answer As often as your hair needs a special treat, very much like a spa for your body.  But especially after you relax or colour your hair.
question How and when should I apply hair food?
answer Hair foods, such as Black Chic Coconut Hair Food or Just For Kids Scalp Soothing Hair Food or Caivil Mend 'n Gro Maxi Moist Olive Oil Hair Food should be applied directly onto the scalp at least twice a week then a moisturizer applied onto the hair in between.